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Bio-resonance is an alternative medical practice which uses technology to influence the energy pattern of a person’s body through electromagnetic waves and change their frequency harmoniously. It is supposed to find, diagnose and cure many illnesses.

bio-resonance singapore

How Does It Happen?

Our body is basically a nonstop ticking energy. This energy could be measure through the wavelengths we emit. If the frequency of the wavelengths of our energy are right and it flows freely then we are healthy and prosperous.

However, modern day life constantly disturbs our flow through the toxic food we eat, the polluted air we breathe and the negative habits we have integrated in our routines. The idea of bio resonance is to restore the patterns of energy we emit. Bio-resonance in Singapore is getting more popular with each day, and more people seek for the service.

The Main Use of Bio-Resonance

The idea is to treat the effects toxins cause directly to the body. Those are the fatigue, insomnia, allergies and many more. It is effective even for regular smokers, drug users, and alcoholics. Making an appointment for Bio-resonance in Singapore will surely bring positive effect to your life. Detoxifying your body will help you achieve success.

How Is It Conducted

The therapy is non-invasive, and the first step is to place electrodes on particular acupuncture places on your body, particularly on your bare hands and feet, in order to begin the analysis and then continue with the treatment. Those electrodes are connected to a machine which will check the wave lengths your body emits, detect the ones with bad frequency and reverse them to an optimal state of being.

After a single session, it is determined whether or not you would benefit from Bio-resonance in Singapore. It is important to understand that each body operates on its own energy frequency rates and therefore the state of harmony is achieved differently for each individual. All of our organs, muscles, cells and bones “tick” at a frequency of their own and when that is distorted, it takes a few therapy sessions to reverse them to their natural state.

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Benefits of Bio-Resonance

Using the mixture of concepts of eastern medicine, quantum physics and homeopathy the therapy helps the body by boosting its healing signals which pass through a person’s cells and system while suppressing the negative signals toxic, allergens and other stressors send.

Bio-Resonance has shown tremendous effect when it comes to strengthening the immune system, fixing metabolic imbalances, heart disease, bronchitis, asthma and preparing a patient for invasive operations.

Bio-Resonance FAQ

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Sanna Holistic House offer the latest technology of Bio-Resonance Therapy programs. Trying out Bio-resonance in Singapore has no negative sides, except in the scenarios mentioned above. Get back to your natural frequency levels and don’t look back.

Note: Strictly by appointment only. Certain conditions may take more than 1 session to cure.