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From business owners to homeowners, anyone who is looking to improve the quality of their life, including their happiness and success, then Feng Shui Singapore is an absolute must.

Feng Shui is an ancient wisdom and knowledge of the natural laws of the universe. It is complex and sophisticated system that was developed few thousand years ago in China.

Feng Shui, the science of nature, analyses the interaction of energy (Qi) between their environment factors (macrocosm) and people living in their premises (microcosm). This sophisticated system allows us to calculate the flow of Qi externally and internally within a space to determine and harness this law of nature to our benefit.

Though the circumstances may have changed in modern times, the desired outcome for the majority of people is still the same; hence it is important to get the right Feng Shui master to help you.

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Feng Shui is NOT a religion or about buying and placing auspicious items. It is about the interaction between yin and yang energy, and by getting an experienced feng shui master who understands this flow, allows us to create a more vibrant, more successful, and fulfilling life.

Feng Shui is referred to as the position of power. It means never having our backs facing an entrance to a space, because otherwise we will be startled when someone enters the room.

This also means greater vulnerability, which can ultimately negatively impact success and happiness. In other words, feng shui Singapore subconsciously provides us with a boost of support, which helps to impart greater success, financially, spiritually and mentally.

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In order to impart feng shui on any space, a feng shui compass, known as a luopan is used. The Bagua is essentially a feng shui energy map and contains the symbols of the I Ching, the ancient oracle which feng shui is based.


By applying the knowledge of Feng Shui, you can enhance harmony, health and wealth within your current environment as well as minimize any negative impact – especially when you have a burning issue at hand. Your environment can propel you towards the solutions or help you narrow down the area that requires attention.


In order to impart the best feng shui practices on a space, we perform a complete analysis of that space. We use our compass and determine exactly how the area should be arranged in order to reap the ultimate benefits that feng shui provides.


We will then create a floor plan that is designed to maximise the flow of energy in the space so that you can take advantage of the many benefits that the art of feng shui offers.


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Feng Shui

Spiritual Healing Singapore

Spiritual Healing

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Need a One-Stop Feng Shui Design And Build service??



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Experienced Feng Shui Master

Sanna Holistic House had been established by our founder Master Sanna since 1985.

With over 30 years of experience, Master Sanna had helped many people and businesses in Singapore and Southeast Asia with his art of ancient wisdom and geomancy service.

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One-Stop Feng Shui Service

Been equipped with the skills of feng shui and spiritual healing, Master Sanna is able to provide a one-stop feng shui service.

We provide space cleansing, groundbreaking ceremony and many more which most feng shui practitioner in Singapore are unable to.

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Design And Build

Over the years, Master Sanna had gathered a team of experienced professionals that are able to help you design and build.

These pool of professionals are able to help you design and build your home or office according to Master Sanna's feng shui design.


Let's hear what some of our past clients says about us

I have met lots of so-called gurus, star readers, and horoscope experts but none proposed spiritual knowledge or power changed anything with me. I needed to get to the next level in my business but help was not coming at all.

A close friend introduced Master Sanna to me and the rest is history. I now run a stable business with monthly profits. Thanks for helping out.

Antonio J

Business Owner

I have been moody lately and every time I will quarrel with my family members once I get home from work, but it was getting worse each day.

I sought for help through the great feng shui in Master Sanna and everything came back to normal after a while. Thanks for coming to my aid.


Graphic Designer

There are some physical laws that ought to be obeyed that don’t make sense to a human being, I have the cause to contact this feng shui veteran and I must confess, I am a new person.

As I obey all that he told me, I have begun to see new successes in my endeavors courtesy Master Sanna. Kudos!

John Lim

Civil Servant


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Hello! I'm Master Sanna

Author, Feng Shui Master, Spiritual Healer & Life Coach

I am a registered Healer Member of National Federation of Spiritual Healer, UK. I established Sanna Holistic House in the year 1985 to specializes in the power of ancient wisdom for Yi Jing,  Feng Shui, Spiritual Healing and also Astrology.

I am also one of the few Feng Shui masters in Southeast Asia that specialize in Burial/Tomb (Yin Zai) Feng Shui. Besides that, he had been featured and interviewed by various press and TV station.

I had contributed weekly articles to Chinese Newspaper Daily previously and also an author. I had published two books namely "The Sanna Healing Lamp" that cover topics like the ancient wisdom, luck, and spirits. The second book "Ancient Wisdom For Modern Living" cover on how Feng Shui can be implemented to the modern living in today's world.

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