Spiritual Healing Testimonials

Francine Rheaume is a healer, clairvoyant and clairsentient. Having practised for more than 2 decades, she uses Master Sanna Healing Candles to complement her healing works. She has also been conducting workshops on Energy Healing for more than a decade in various countries such as the U.S, Canada, France and Spain.

” I have been using Master Sanna’s Healing Candles for more than 2 years and most of my clients and fellow therapists experienced a better treatment in health after using the candles. Sanna’s Healing Candles seem to have their own consciousness as they can locate the blocked negative energies. They do what is necessary to cleanse, balance and restore one’s health. Most of my clients and fellow therapists experienced many different physical sensations of different intensity. They can feel tickling movements, cleansing of negative energies from the body and re-alignment of their chakras. I had this client who had hormonal imbalance after a major surgery. She requested for the healing candles with the intention of restoring her hormonal system back to balance. When the candle was lighted, she felt tickling movements in her hands, belly, liver, and kidneys and finally going to her head (crown chakra). Her solar plexus was tense at the beginning, however after the healing session, the entire body and nervous system was brought to equilibrium. It can help people who are plagued with traumas. Personally I have traumatic experience of my past life during traveling and I use the healing candles myself in the hotel to relieve the intense visions of my past that keep recurring. I would to conclude that the healing candles are not only meant for healing but also for banishing of negative energies/entities at home, work and traveling.”

Francine Rheaume
Email : [email protected]
Quebec, Canada


Victim Absorbs Negative Entities

Jane, an American Lady, rented a house in Singapore. After three months, she began to feel agitated easily for no apparent reason and her body began to ache all over. She coul not concentrate on her work and assuming that it was due to work stress, she decided to go for a foot massage. After a few sessions, instead of improving, her situation became worse. The masseuse, who was a student in Master Sanna’s meditation class, recomended that Jane come for Master Sanna’s healing lamp therapy session. She came with a lady friend and during the first lamp therapy session, suddenly began to wave her hands in the air uncontrollably. Both her legs were jerking and she shouted “Enough is enough!”. Master Sanna then went to her aid and told her,”Calm down, your body is releasing those trapped energies.” She consciously replied, “I could feel the cold energies and I think I am shaking out these energies.”

For the second session with the lamp therapy, she came with her husband. This time during the lamp session, her ands trembled quite strongly. Her husband saw Jane uncontrollable movements and said “My God! America’s going for all the high tech. This kind of ancient art is going to be lost soon!” He then added, “My wife could have absorbed those negative energies in the house that we stay in. I noticed that since moving into ths house, she has been very temperamental.” After a further three sessions Jane returned to her normal, cheerful self.

The day after her final treatment, she took a flight to Hong Kong. On landing, she felt a sharp pain near her waist. She consulted a specialist and was told that a tumour, which was normally inside the body, had been unexplainably pushed outwards. She underwent successful surgery to remove the tumour and email Master Sanna to inform him that it may have been the healing lamp which had pushed the tumour out.



True Life Account by Jusie

I have this female friend from China who once visited Singapore. She and her baby daughter stayed in my house while they were in Singapore. Her daughter was a very lovely and playful child who cannot seem to stay still. It was till one day when she became very quiet and disturbed. The playful girl became very shy of strangers unlike her usual self and refused to mingle around with anyone other than her mother. She also ran a persistent high fever that refused to go despite seeking medical help from physicians; we started to suspect a supernatural related case. We finally recalled that just days before, my friend was carrying her baby by her side as both witness a funeral procession right along the roads in front of my flat. It could be related to this funeral. After consulting Master Sanna, he gave us a healing candle to light in my house to cleanse it of negative energies/entities. To my surprise, after lighting the candle, the baby’s fever was gone by the next day and she resumed her normal chirpy and playful self. It could not have been a psychological related case as the child was too young to comprehend anything supernatural. I strongly recommend everyone to use the healing/cleansing candles regularly to cleanse themselves or their living/working environment of any negative energies/entities.



Fatal Attraction

Miss Hwang, when she was at the age of 14, was on her way home one night and a spirit followed her home. She could not see the face or body of the spirit, but could feel a figure sleeping close to her back home. Day after day her health deteriorated. Her face looked pale and her parents thought that she was sick. Later, only then that she revealed her case to her mother that every night a figure slept next to her. Her shocking mother upon hearing this, quickly brought her to see the medium (trance), and was told that a spirit fell for her and would like to live with her. The medium performed rituals for Miss Hwang to expel the spirit to leave her alone, but it still didn’t help. The family was worried and went to neighbouring countries to seek for medical help, only to no avail.

One day, Miss Hwang, happened to buy one of Master Sanna’s Chinese magazines, and together with her mother came to seek for help regarding this matter. When questioned on how long this matter had been, Miss Hwang who’s twenty-two years of age by then, replied that this had been dragging on for eight years. She was made to light the Sanna Healing (SH) lamp, she trembled and struggled every time the SH lamp was lighted. Unfortunately, because the spirit had been with her for too many years and it took about two months of treatment before the spirit to leave her alone. The family was overjoyed and from then on she could sleep soundly and her health improved tremendously.



True Encounter by Joel

I was once disturbed by the ‘unknown’ during my childhood and I had strange encounters during my NS even though I was a project clerk. I never told anyone other than my own family about these encounters as I felt people would think I was nuts or something.

One day, out of the blue, my ex-colleague called me up and we started talking about work and our ex-employer. Thru the midst of it, he mentioned about Master Sanna and what Master Sanna did for him. I was immediately interested as I felt Master Sanna could help me out too. I met Master Sanna and my ex-colleague suggested that I should try out the oil lamp. During the session, I felt my back was very heavy and sinking into the cushion that I was lying on. The feeling was like a science experiment that we did during our school days, where we collected muddy water in a beake and watched the water and sand separate. A few moments later, I started having a terrible headache and could feel my left foot start shaking, and at the base of my neck, I felt a lump. By the time it was over, I could hardly rise from the cushion and it took me 5 – 10 minutes to get up my feet.

Master Sanna told me to take a seat on a chair and he started to chant and rub my back down with a wooden stick. After 5 minutes of chanting, the lump in my neck had disappeared and the headache had stopped. Master Sanna then explained that I could have been affected by negative energies and advised me to go for a few more sessions. I was shocked by what he said as I never told him about my past encounters and I readily agreed to it.

My second session was a very pleasant experience. I felt a warm energy flowing through my body. No longer did I feel the headaches and heaviness. Since then I’ve noticed that my mind is clearer and answers to my problems come much easer. I thank Master Sanna sincerely for his help.



Best Friends Forever

Kuala Lumpur. Helen was 18 years old when her best friend met with an accident. She went to the hospital to visit her best friend and held her best friend when she passed away. Not long after her friend’s death, Helen became sick and couldn’t sleep at night. Especially in the middle of the night, she would feel a sharp pain in the stomach and need to go to the hospital immediately. However when she reached the hospital, her pain would subside. This went on for many years. She spent lots of money on medication because of her poor health. At that time, she never ever thought of her best friend spirit had possessed her. Until at the age of 35, when she heard about Master Sanna, she gave herself a try on the Sanna Healing lamp. When the Sanna Healing lamp was lighted, she cried out loud and in a scary voice, she said that she saw a figure coming out of her body and went inside her again. The face resembled her best friend who passed away seventeen years ago. This stubborn spirit wanted to keep her company and refused to return t o the spiritual world. It took more than a month of Sanna Healing lamp session before the spirit left the Helen. Since then, Helen health improved tremendously.



Second-hand Flat

Mr Lee bought a second-hand flat at Tampines in 1998. Until things started to go weird in the house, he didn’t believe in supernatural encounters or any superstitious beliefs. Some time after his had family moved in, his wife told him that she had seen a flickering green light in the master bedroom toilet. He told her that it was probably just her imagination due to the new environment or stress at work. Then she told him that she had heard the toilet door banging too. And each time she entered the house, she felt a chilling wind.

He began to believe her when one night he also heard the sound. After effort to search for the answer had failed, He was introduced to Master Sanna. He was told of his healing power through healing candles to ‘chase’ bad spirits away and many of the testimonials from other people.

Mr Lee visited Master Sanna and explained the problem. Master Sanna gave Mr Lee a few healing candles and instructed him to light one each night in the toilet before going to bed. He did so and the next day, his wife told him that she was able to sleep soundly and she no longer saw the green light nor heard the banging sound! That was really miraculous!




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