Professional Spiritual Healer Mentoring Program

Who should take up this program?

Potential candidates with strong foundation in meditation and are serious in training to be a Professional Spiritual Healer.


Requirements: Make an appointment with Master for a selection interview.


This program respects the Chinese tradition of lineage and the relationship, trust and bond between the Master and the Disciple (read more on Lineage). It is unlike commercial programs, thus students can be assured of the authenticity and efficacy of the techniques.·

This is a fast-track mentoring program which will be conducted over 2 weekends. You will be trained on how to unleash your spiritual power that is hidden deep within you. Learn about the different levels of spirits, their behaviours, and how to help patients who are “victim of spirit attack”. Master Sanna passes on his knowledge and wisdom in this course with his own practical experience and lineage. Master will continue to support his students and disciples in their ensuing practice.



Program Outline:

  • Beads training
  • Correct pronounciation of 33 consonants and 8 vowels in Mantras
  • How to make Mantras work for you
  • How to pay respects to our Lineage Masters
  • Mantras to pay respects to the 4 spiritual realms
  • Mantras for protection against negative entities while traveling
  • Mantras for better relationships
  • What ‘Sanna Candle Healing’ is and how we are different
  • The thin line between ‘Mental Illness’ and ‘Spirit-Attack’
  • How spirits make their presence felt
  • The types of people that can be easily be victims of spirit attack
  • How to deal with different levels of spirit
  • How to do a proper house cleansing
  • What symbols and yantras are for
  • Case studies and Practicum



Please note:

Students must be sincere in learning and applying the knowledge as a Professional Spiritual Healer; not as a coach, teacher, instructor, lecturer and/or trainer of Spiritual Healing. Do not harbour evil thoughts. Have a clear conscience and with a good attitude,you will definitely experience good results. Upon completion, graduates will be fully supported by Master Sanna when they encounter challenges during their healing practice.



To make an appointment for the selection interview, click here and indicate your full name and contact number. This Mentoring Program is only held in Sanna Holistic House, Singapore, unless stated otherwise.