Sanna Healing Lamp Therapy

Spiritual Healing: House and Office cleansing; i.e. get rid of negative entities/energies and resolving spiritual problems . . . . .


  • Enhance body’s natural ability to heal by itself.
  • Diagnostic check for pre sence of negative energies/entities within one’s body.
  • Get rid of negative energies/entities.


  • Individuals coping with chronic conditions caused by unexplained phenomena.
  • Individuals coping with symptoms of clinical depression.
  • Individuals coping with symptoms of psycho-somatic disorder.
  • Individuals coping with symptoms of bi-polar disorder.
  • Individuals suspecting of being a victim of spirit-attack/voodoo/curses/hex/charms.


SGD 40 per session (approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour)

Note: Strictly by appointment only. Certain conditions may take more than 1 session to cure.

Please click here to make an appointment and indicate your full name, contact number and briefly state your condition. Kindy note that all Sanna Healing Lamp Sessions are done in Sanna Holistic House, Singapore. Feel free to enquire regarding overseas engagements.