Yijing Bazhai Feng Shui (Theory & Practical)


Part 1

1)        The Principle of Yijing & Feng Shui                     (易经风水的原则)

2)        The Taiji Chart                                                           (太极图)

3)        The Pre-Natal Chart                                                 (先天卦)

4)        The Post-Natal Chart                                               (后天卦)

5)        The River Map, its numerals & applications        (河图与数的应用)

6)        Luo Shu, its numerals & applications                   (洛书与数的应用)

7)        Bagua & The Five Elemental Chart                      (八卦五行表)

8)        Basics of the Luopan                                               (罗盘的基本常识)

9)        Outside environmental analysis & Remedy        (外形的判断及补救)

10)     The importance of significant & emergent signs         (标志性与突现物的重点)

11)     Indoor analysis & Remedy                                      (内室的判断及补救法)

12)     On-site practice                                                         (风水现场训练)

Benefits: After completing this course, you will be able to choose a good feng shui house for better wealth, harmony and health.

Part 2

13)     How to calculate the birth gua                                       (命卦)

14)     The Heavenly stars and its applications                      (天星的理解及应用)

15)     The Heavenly Stems & Early Branches                      (十天干及十二地支)

16)     Observation of Qi                                                             (气的观望)

17)     How to determine the auspicious/inauspicious Qi    (断气的吉凶)

18)     How to remedy the inauspicious Qi                             (煞气的补救法)

19)     How to apply the Luopan correctly                               (如何下盘定伏位)

20)     How to remedy an inauspicious sector                        (如何化解煞气)

21)     The Annual Sha: Tai Sui, San Sha & yellow 5          (流年太岁三煞五黄预测)

22)     On-site practice                                                                (风水现场训练)

Benefits: After completing this level, you can be a professional feng shui practitioner.

This is a mentoring program for people who are serious in becoming a Professional Feng Shui Practitioner (PFP). Upon completion, Master Sanna will continue to support his disciples in their ensuing practice.

Requirements: Make an appointment with Master for a selection interview. Successful applicants will be required to take an oath prior to commencement.

Please note:

Students must be sincere in learning and applying the knowledge as a Professional Feng Shui Practitioner; not as a coach, teacher, instructor, lecturer or trainer of Feng Shui or Spiritual Arts. Do not harbour evil thoughts. Have a clear conscience and with a good attitude you will definitely experience good results. Graduates are fully supported by Master Sanna when they encounter challenges during their Feng Shui practice.