Feng Shui Service

Feng Shui Consultation: For homes, offices, sites for development, Burials and Tombstone placements. . . . . . . .



Our Approach is practical and effective for all homes and businesses. We do Not sell any FS product or pay any hidden cost.

Our Aim is to help our client maximize positive change in their lives and improve health, wealth and happiness.

Our Vision is to help create a better living environment and prevent any mishap caused by the environmental factors.

What to prepare:

  • Date of Birth and Time of Key Occupants
  • A floorplan (if any)

What you will get:

  • One On-Site Verbal Report & Recommendations
  • An Auspicious Date and Time for Implementation of renovation work
  • An Auspicious Date and Time to Move-In (if necessary)


  • A drawn-up detailed floorplan will be charged at SGD 100 each (Master Sanna will only answer enquiries post-paid after the Layout Confirmation)
  • Additional auspicious date and time are charged at SGD 50 each (Master Sanna will only give additional auspicious date and time post-paid)
  • There will be an additional fee of SGD 80 per on-site trip

Fees (to be collected on 1st Appointment):

HDB 2-Room (1 room, 1 hall) SGD388
HDB 3-Room (2 rooms, 1 hall) SGD488
HDB 4-Room (3 rooms, 1 hall) SGD588
HDB 5-Room (4 rooms, 1 hall) SGD688
Executive Apartment & Mansionette SGD728

Condominium 2-Room (1 room, 1 hall) SGD588
Condominium 3-Room (2 rooms, 1 hall) SGD688
Condominium 4-Room (3 rooms, 1 hall) SGD788
Condominium 5-Room (4 rooms, 1 hall) SGD888

Rebuilding of Landed Property (regardless of type) SGD1 per square feet including built-up area

Terrace House (1 storey) SGD888
Terrace House (2 storey) SGD1088
Terrace House (3 storey) SGD1288
Terrace House (4 storey) SGD1488

Semi-Detached House (1 storey) SGD1088
Semi-Detached House (2 storey) SGD1288
Semi-Detached House (3 storey) SGD1488
Semi-Detached House (4 storey) SGD1688

Bungalow (1 storey) SGD1888
Bungalow (2 storey) SGD2088
Bungalow (3 storey) SGD2288
Bungalow (4 storey) SGD2488

Commercial Property (500 square feet and below, including built-up area) SGD488
Commercial Property (501 square feet and above, including built-up area) SGD1 per square feet

Please click here to book an appointment and indicate your full name, contact number and site address. We strongly recommend that you do an On-Site Space-Cleansing to make the best of your Feng Shui implementations.