Level II – Mantras & its Applications

In this level II course, you will be taught on how to respect the ‘Spiritual Masters’, as well as the importance of lineage. This course is a turning point in improving your life for the better in terms of virtues and strengthening the inner self. You will be trained on how to unleash the spiritual power that is hidden deep within you. It is an enlightening course for those who wanted to seek the truth in ‘magic!!!

What this Module offers

·   Prayers in respect of Great Spiritual Masters and for spiritual powers

·   The Four Elements (Meditation) and & its applications

·   Mantras for protection against negative entities

·   Mantras to improve relationships and metta

·   Mantras to obtain better income to achieve happiness

How it can Benefit You

·    Increase your confidence and concentration and your willpower

·   Change negative attitudes and restrictions that you were brought up with.

·   Develop your personal abilities, skills and perceptions

·   Ability to protect yourself from negative entities

·   Increase your Charisma and inter- personal relationships

·   Once you set heart and mind on a subject, all things are possible

·   Career improvement – will power to better achieve your goals

·   Overcome your phobias

·   Think better and act more positively


Commencement date: 11th Oct 2011 – 15th Oct 2011

Time: 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm.

Venue: Sanna Holistic House


If there are any queries to the above, feel free to contact Master Sanna at 90686479!

Your Investment: $890