Basics of Astrology

Planets & its Characteristics

Planet The Characteristics
Sun Self, pride, power, vitality, character, confidence, leadership, father, govt, office
Moon Spirit, emotions, neat, mother
Mars Action, hot, impatient, drive, action, ambition, passion, warrior, motive, athlete
Mercury Communicator, social, ideas, reasoning, language, translator, listening, ability, skill, speed, traveling
Jupiter Wisdom, knowledge, law , Luck, prosperity, opportunity, explorer, philosopher
Venus Desire, love, money, harmony, attraction, socialization, beauty, popularity, music
Saturn Tolerance, patience, slow, responsibility, structure, perseverance, seriousness, maturity, traditional, ancient
Rahu Intoxicant, stubborn, Illegal activities, changes
Ketu Unusual, deities, royalty, seniority, high honor
Uranus Revolution, Innovative, calamities, unnatural death, entities

Table of the 12th Houses

1st House Self, pre-occupation, appearance, temperament, government
2nd House Possession, financial, values, resources
3rd House Siblings, near travel, learning, sales, connection, friends
4th House Property, domestics, mother, family, vehicle
5th House Creativity, leadership, teaching, children, romance, socializing
6th House Health, competitors, stress, obstruction, sports
7th House Marriage, partnership, opposite sex
8th House Secrets, investigation, far away, investment, death, long- term ill-health
9th House Travel, promotion, growth, speculation
10th House career, publicity, society, father
11th House achievement, objectives, fortune
12th House Hospital, healing, sacrifice, spirituality, retreat, destruction


12th Zodiac Signs and its Elements

The Zodiac & Its Characteristics

ARIES: Learner, like Science, electronic, like discovers new thing

TAURUS: Patient, hard-working, self mesmerize, like to command others

GEMINI: Intelligent, think fast, soft-hearted, uncertainty, sexuality

CANCER: Slow, good character, long-winded, good hearted, calm mood

LEO: Think highly of oneself, strong heart, straight-forward, gain respect from others, like freedom

VIRGO: Like calm, serenity, good character, creative, love to do thing his mood and way

LIBRA: Trustworthy, like Science, intelligent

SCORPIO: Secretive in character and person, careful person (think before commit)

SAGGITARIUS: Straight-forward, trustworthy, honor his words, like freedom, like classy

CAPRICORN: Patient, intelligent & sharp, like challenging, remain humble and simple, understanding

AQUARIUS: Creative, confident, intelligent and responsibility

PISCES: In two minds, not strong in decision making, problematic