Burial / Tomb Feng Shui – Information & Pricing


  • Selection of burial site for deceased
  • Audit of burial site for deceased


  • Prevent any mishap to descendants that might be caused by environmental factors
  • Promote recovery from illness / dis-ease for descendants
  • Improve career / business trends of descendants
  • Improve academic results of descendants
  • Increase opportunities for business of descendants
  • Increase opportunities for marriage of descendants
  • Increase opportunities of conceiving / child-bearing of descendants

Fee (70% on-site; 30% upon completion):

Varies according to project specifications

What to prepare:

  • Date of Birth and Time of Descendants

What you will get:

  • On-Site Selection & Audit of burial site
  • *On-Site Verbal Report & Recommendations
  • *Auspicious Date and Time for Burial

Please click here to book an appointment and indicate your full name, contact number and information on the burial site. Accommodation and travel expenses will have to be borne by clients for overseas engagements.


  • Master Sanna will only recommend sites that are in the client's best interests. We respect our client's wishes, although it is also important to heed our professional advice.
  • The tombstone (headstone) and the water ways must be located at the right place and right direction in order to enhance the deceased descendants fortune and career.
  • To erect the headstone (tombstone) and to ensure that the deceased's descendants will be blessed with better health and fortune, an auspicious date and time will be chosen according to the deceased's date of birth and that of his/her children.
  • The auspicious date and time have to be carefully chosen to erect the headstone for the best outcome and to avoid disasters. The same is applied to the waterways.