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Our House Feng Shui Package

Sanna Holistic House Feng Shui Service package includes:

A full analysis of your home will be explained to you on the same day on how we can use Feng Shui to improve your luck and minimize any “Sha Qi” referring to negative energy;

1) The positioning of the bed, dining and living area.

2) The placement of the Stove is very important as it can enhance one’s career, bring about family harmony and better health.

3) Wen Chang Position is an important area for studies and career)

4) Diagnose and minimize any area that might pose a threat to any health or wealth issues

5) FREE Selection of auspicious dates for renovation and moving-in

6) Annual Feng Shui Analysis

7) Feng Shui Colour Guide/Tips

Our House Feng Shui Package Prices

1. HDB 3-Room (2 rooms 1 hall) – from S$588 onwards

2. HDB 4-Room (3 rooms 1 hall) – from S$688 onwards

3. HDB 5-Room (4 rooms 1 hall) – from S$788 onwards

4. Condo 3 rooms (2 rooms 1 hall) – from $688 onwards

5. Condo 4 rooms (3 rooms 1 hall) – from $788 onwards


* Landed Property – Our consultation fee varies according to the type of property. Please contact us for a quotation.

Office and Industrial site $888** (onward, please contact us for quotation)

*Subject to no. of rooms, area size (sqft) and no. of stories (if any);

**Subject to area size (sqft);

Please take note that any accommodation and travel expenses will have to be borne by clients for overseas engagements.

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