Date and Time of Birth: 29th August 1958 HIS FINAL DEMISE: 25th June 2009
Day & Time of Birth: Friday at 10:00 AM.
Natal Chart Planets in Transit

Ascendant in Virgo: He is gentle, friendly, approachable, intelligent, patience and has endurance. He can get along with everybody, whether young or old. He is self-confident, diligent and hardworking, often preoccupied with self development as well as being receptive to suggestions for furthering personal development.

He was rather fortunate although his eventual success may be preceded by an initial period of hard work and struggle, he will be steadfast in his beliefs, and will tend to win over his competitors (The Lordship of his Ascending is in the House of fortune, 11th House).

Mercury (4) and Venus (6) in the 11th House: Indicates that he can communicate and present himself well. His parents were very lucky and fortunate since he was born. At a young age, he had many money making opportunities, and was very successful in the entertainment trade (The planets are an elemental pair; he was born on Friday, in the 11th House, the house of fortune).

The House of Income (2nd House): This indicates that he is very good in spotting money opportunities and very often he will receive unexpected money luck.

Properties/Wealth: He will own huge properties and big cars, live luxuriously, but can face cash flow and problem with maintaining his assets. He often has to provide financial support to his parents and relatives, or overspend his monies acquiring vehicles and homes.  He may even have had problems and obstacles caused by elders or people in authority (Jupiter (5) and Rahu (8) sharing the same house).

Socialising with Friends: His weakness is in his social circle of friends who come to him usually look for monetary benefits from him.

Marriage: There is a risk of disappointment in his marriage. His spouse may have come from a rich family, but they will not end up living happily, his marriage can lead to divorce or separation. The same scenario applies for business partners. It is best that his spouse is a foreigner or widow (The Lordship of Marriage, 7th House is in conjunction with Rahu in the 2nd House).

Career: He has had a very successful career since a very young age that can not only bring him fame but also make him loads of money (The Lordship of Career is in conjunction with Venus, in the House of Fortune).


On 25th June 2009, between the age of 49 to 52, his Ascending was in Taurus. The Lord of Taurus is Venus (6), which is in the 12th House (destruction) from his Ascendant. In the Year 2009, at the age slightly over 50 years old, the Ascendant was in Aquarius. The Lord of Aquarius is Rahu (8), which is also in the 12th House (destruction) of his Ascendant. Generally, that was his bad year. Looking at the position of the planets in transition between 2nd June 2009 – 30th June 2009, the analyses are as follows:

Mars (3) the planet representing energy and vigour is in Aries, the 8th house (loss, death).   He is prone to accidents or disasters, or physical health issues.

Venus (6), Michael’s Day of Birth is in the House of Death, in conjunction with Mars in Aries.  This means that he will risk having weak health, long term illnesses, being in a depressed state of being; i.e. disheartened and discouraged.  It will be better for him if he     had relocated from his place of birth.

Uranus, the planet of accident and calamity, is opposite his Ascending. This indicates that there is a tendency of unforeseen calamities may happen.

Jupiter, the lucky planet is in the 6th house (enemies, obstacles, health issues), indicating that this is a frustrating and unfortunate year for him.

Saturn in transit is in the 12th House (destruction) of his Ascending and is in trine with Mike’s Day of Birth, which is Venus (6) and Mars in Aries (Saturn is in conflict with Venus and Saturn is also in conflict with Mars).

The conclusion is that the Year 2009 was his worst year, the positioning of the stars in many ways showed signs of the events leading to his final demise on 25th June 2009.

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