Sanna Practical Siam Astrology

Astrology: Understand your hidden strengths, career path, high and low cycles for the year, etc. . . . . . .

From the moment we are born, the natural cycles of the planets begin to influence the courses of our lives. Most people struggle through life without ever knowing why things happen positively or negatively. Some individuals toil without ever reaping rewards, while others are blessed with good  fortune throughout their lives.


The consequent movements of these planets can have either extreme negative or positive influence on an individual. If you like to find out more about your true potential and unleash your hidden powers, your date and time of birth and country of birth are needed to determine the course of your life. The horoscope chart provides you information such as:

a)  your high and low period of your life

b)  your yearly strength and weaknesses in certain areas

c)  your best (lucky) direction in different period of the year

d)  choose your love or business partner that can compliment your luck

e)  make a decision and direction especially when you are in two minds

f)  use simple remedies to help improve your situation

g)  Your lucky colours, numbers and best direction.




30 mins   SGD 50

45 mins   SGD 80

60 mins   SGD 100



What you will need to provide:

Birth Details (Date and Time) as recorded in your Birth Certificate, and areas that you want to focus on.



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