Jinx Removal Cleansing Candle


Purpose: For Jinx Removal

This candle is specially prepared to cleanse oneself of misfortune and curses.

Function A: Space Cleansing

When moving to a new home, light the candle to remove any jinx lurking around left behind by the previous owner. Simply light the candle in the room/house and move around the entire site, especially the corners, to clear negative vibrational energies. Once lit, it must be allowed to burn out.


Function B: Healing

Meditate and visualise your body absorbing the warmth from the candle lit in front of you till it burns out completely. It will clear misfortune and curses from the body.

Function C: Water for Cleansing

Lit the candle on the edge of a basin/pail of water. Allow the tear-wax to drip into the water until the candle burns completely. The water is then used to clean oneself from head to toe to rid one of all kinds of jinx (bad luck). For residential or office use, the water can be sprinkled around the house/office to cleanse any jinx lingering around.

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