Space Cleansing Candle


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Purpose: For Space Cleansing & Healing Description
Light this candle in a room/office and the high level of spiritual energy released from the candle will cleanse any harmful negative energies and entities lingering about. This candle helps nullify any harmful elements around you. It can help anyone in overcoming traumatic events, stress and help restore the body’s energy to the balanced state.

Function A: Space Cleansing

Simply light the candle in the room/house and move around the entire site, especially the corners, to clear negative vibrational energies. Once lit, it must be allowed to burn out.

Function B: Healing

Meditate and visualise your body absorbing the warmth from the candlelit in front of you till it burns out completely. It will clear the blocked energies in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms, balancing all the chakras in the body while re-adjusting the body elements. At the same time, it can rid negative entities off from the body.

Function C: Amulet

Carry this candle with you while travelling and it will prevent you from danger caused by any negative entities.